KNN Advisors Present at CDIAC Conference

March 1, 2019

KNN Public Finance

In February, the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission ("CDIAC") hosted its Municipal Debt Essentials Seminar at the Riverside Convention Center. The three-day seminar was designed by CDIAC to educate public finance officials in California on (1) debt basics, (2) planning a bond sale, and (3) marketing and pricing a bond. KNN advisors David Brodsly (Managing Director), Joanna Bowes (Managing Director), and Erwin Tam(Vice President), were invited by CDIAC to present three sessions at the seminar.

Joanna Bowes and Erwin Tam lead a discussion on Bond Math and held an interactive group exercise. The session broke-out seminar attendees into discussion groups to calculate debt service, bond sizing, and dollar bond price.

David Brodsly co-presented with LuAnne Edwards Schurtz, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Deputy Executive Officer, Finance, on Debt Policy and Plan of Finance. The session covered the importance of developing and maintaining a debt policy, aligning financing projects, methods and approaches to measuring an agency’s debt capacity/affordability, and developing and utilizing a plan of finance.

In addition, later in the day the co-presenting team also hosted a collaborative group exercise on Creating the Project Plan. In working groups, participants discussed how utilizing a capital improvement plan can assist in ensuring a project aligns with the agency's debt policy and outlines who benefits from the project and furthermore, who is obligated to pay for the project.

If you are interested about learning more about these topics or would like to request a copy of either of the presentations, please see below for the contact information.

David Brodsly 
Managing Director 

Joanna Bowes 
Managing Director 

Erwin Tam 
Vice President